About Us

Light Infantry Arms as a company is dedicated to providing high quality lasertag equipment and experiences.

Why Lasertag?

Light Infantry lasertag guns offer players the ability to accurately and reliably hit targets out to one thousand feet and beyond. This creates an entirely different and more realistic tactical environment for players to operate in. With lasertag, cover & concealment and fire & movement now matter in ever corner of the field in play. For now if you can see someone, you can hit them… and they can hit you. Also, with this vastly increased range, quality optics now can truly be leveraged in game play. In lasertag, a properly equipped and skilled sniper is a force multiplier on the field of play.

The absence of a projectile in lasertag makes goggles and masks unnecessary and frees players from the inconvenience and discomfort of playing with them for long periods, particularly in hot and cold weather and especially for players who wear glasses. And no projectiles means no nets and no damage to the field of play or surrounding areas, opening-up game locations otherwise out of the question with either paintball or airsoft.

While the cost of a quality lasertag gun is admittedly comparable to prices for upper-tier paintball and airsoft guns, the cost of operating and maintaining a quality lasertag gun is virtually nil, compared with the steady outlay in money and maintenance time needed to keep playing either paintball or airsoft. And while all this time and money can be excused as a labor of love for individual players, for field owners the aggregate costs of supplying, maintaining, and refereeing large paintball and airsoft operations is significant. With lasertag one is faced with a moderately high initial investment and then literally years of use at substantially lower cost than is possible with either paintball or airsoft.