Do the taggers come with batteries or do you need to order them separately?
The 3.7V battery needed for the functioning of the lasertag electronics are included with all guns. For the L4 Carbine the 11.1V battery needed for recoil must be purchased separately.
Do your guns have sensors to detect hits or are hits only detected by the wireless headbands or vests?

Our Raven and Delta line of taggers come equipped with what is referred to as a “shock sensor”, which when hit by another player’s shot will disable the gun for an amount of time you can configure. While disabled, the gun cannot be fired or loaded, but the player takes no damage to their health.

Does LSD Technologies ship to the United States?

We at Light Infantry ship and support LSD lasertag products worldwide and are the exclusive distributor for LSD Technologies lasertag equipment within the United States itself.