Light Infantry Arms has partnered with Vend Lease to provide quick and convenient financing options for your business.

  • Vend Lease offers two rate tiers based how established your business is, the first being for those businesses in operation for 2+ years and the second being for those businesses in operation for less than 2 years.
  • For established businesses with good credit, loan terms can extend out to 60 months. For new businesses the cap is 24 months but with good credit there may be options to extend that out to 30 or even 36 months.
  • At signing the preference is to have 2 payments down + the documentation fee ($199 on loans less than $30K and $299 on loans greater than $30K. Established businesses can opt for 1 or even no down payment, with a slight increase in the monthly payment.
  Established Business
(2+ years)
New Business
(less than 2 years)
Order Size Earning
10 Gun + Accessories$100/hr$210$481
20 Gun + Accessories$200/hr$366$837
30 Gun + Accessories$300/hr$562$1295

Return on Investment

To put these prices in context, please read Battlefield Sports interesting article on “How Much To Charge for a Lasertag Ticket“. In it they report that while the cost of lasertag can vary significantly depending upon your market and the quality of the experience you offer players, the median price for a 3 hour lasertag event is $20 per person, with special or otherwise compelling events running as high as $25 per 30 minutes. On our own rural field west of Fredericksburg, Virginia, $10 per hour of gameplay is entirely realistic.

Taking this potential revenue stream and comparing it with the costs of equipment and labor to operate demonstrates the attractiveness of lasertag as a business opportunity. Given that a very modest 20 gun inventory with a two to three person staff can generate upwards of $1360 of revenue ($1600 income minus $240 in labor) in a single business day, the monthly financing cost of the equipment for even a new business ($1125) can reasonably be expected to be met in a single busy weekend.

Lasertag is a profitable business model, made more so when employing quality lasertag equipment backed by a rock-solid warranty. Light Infantry Arms delivers both.

Use the Vend Lease Credit Application to access the convenient Vend Lease online application. Loan decisions using the online app typically get you an answer back in 1 to 2 hours.