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Wireless Headband


The LSD Electronics Delta lasertag gun implements the most innovative solutions from the lasertag equipment industry. The tagger`s case is made of impact-resistant ABS plastic and its wall thickness reaches up to 4.5 mm. Having a low weight and embedded emitter, the Delta is a perfect tagger for players of any age. Compact and possessing superior ergonomics along with the extended range capabilities of the T4 emitter, the Delta is an excellent choice for any indoor or outdoor venue.


  • ABS plastic.
  • 4.4 mAh Li-ion battery (up to 50 hours).
  • Unique design and awesome ergonomics to satisfy kids and adults.
  • New grip to prevent dropping.
  • Electronic trigger.
  • T4 emitter (fire range up to 350 m).
  • LCD display showing ammunition level, battery life, and health.
  • Rate of fire, range, regeneration, and other performance characteristics fully configurable by LSD Software.


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