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L4 Carbine


The L4 PDW is a compact variant of our standard L4 Carbine based on the Valken Tactical Alloy Series PDW “Personal Defense Weapon” full metal components. The durable high quality aluminum alloy bodies are milled to finish and hard coated to create a tough exterior, combined with a mills spec CNC’d free floating KeyMod rail system, and PDW style stock featuring 6 adjustment points. The L4 PDW utilizes the Valken micro switch trigger system, providing a crisp trigger break and reset for a fast response. The L4 PDW is fitted with an LSD Technologies T3 emitter, metal adjustable sights and combination 2/1 point sling with both clips and quick disconnect (QD) sling hardware.


  • Length: 20 inches – 24 inches (Adjustable)
  • Weight: 5 lbs. (fully equipped with magazine, reflex sight, and sling)
  • Maximum Effective Range: 1000 feet
  • Aluminum Alloy receiver “Matte Black”
  • Captured body pins
  • Free floating metal CNC 7” Key Mod rail
  • Metal PDW 6 position collapsible stock with battery compartment
  • Metal adjustable rear & front sights
  • Metal rear sling mount


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