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Wireless Headband


The LSD Electronics Raven lasertag gun is a compact and feature rich tagger from LSD Technologies. The Raven was created in close collaboration with the owners of lasertag facilities and players from around the world. The result is a tagger with the size, weight, and performance that both children and adult players will appreciate at an affordable cost.


  • ABS plastic.
  • Light but strong and weatherproof.
  • RGB body backlight.
  • 4.4 mAh Li-ion battery (up to 50 hours).
  • Renewed recoil imitation module (WOW! effect).
  • Unique design and awesome ergonomics to satisfy kids and adults.
  • New grip to prevent dropping.
  • Electronic trigger.
  • Special pistol emitter (fire range up to 150 m).
  • New speaker and new sounds create extremely vivid clap shot effect.
  • LED display is installed by request.
  • Totally customizable by LSD Software.


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