When you buy lasertag equipment from us, you do not only get up-to-date electronics, but you also get the most advanced software to work with. For setting up and tracking scores online scores, a Radio Base is used.




To install LSD Software you do not need any special skills, just unzip the archive, run the installation file and follow the instructions. For the latest versions of the program .Net Framework 4 is required which can be downloaded here. If you already have it just skip this step. For earlier versions .Net Framework 2 is required which is a default program of Windows XP Service Pack.

Plug in the Radio Base into your PC or laptop before running the program. In Windows 7 the drivers will be installed automatically. In Windows XP you will have to install the drivers provided with this software package. Choose the unknown device that appeared in the task manager and select update driver option specifying the path to the driver folder. You can download the necessary software here.

RECOMMENDATION: to increase the coverage of the Radio Base it is highly recommended to place it in the middle of the playground at some highness. Try to ensure the maximum line of sight.


For correct operation the program will find the Radio Base first. If the device is found the program will show its type LSD-RM5, LSD-RM6 or LSD-RM7. If the program doesn’t manage to find the Radio Base you won’t be able to use the Configurator.

When the Radio Base is discovered the program will find all the kits connected to the device and check its settings. As a result the ID list will appear on the screen. The serial number of a current player is shown in “Current Player” line.

NOTE: if there is a nearby electromagnetic signal, some interference can occur and some device can disappear from the list.

RECOMMENDATION: it is strongly recommended to keep the blasters idle during the configuration.

While choosing a single blaster from the list or making a multiple choice by flagging, the right panel shows the current settings and lets you change or save them.

During setting up a group of blasters all the settings are changed, except system settings (ID,code, etc.)

To simplify you can save all your settings as a Template.


Online scores function lets you track the real time events by the Radio Base. Besides the summary table it clearly shows definite events and information about them happening during the game. The Radio Base will search for the devices before starting the game and display them. The players will be divided into 2 teams according to the settings of the blasters.