Tagger Software Configuration

System Settings

Tagger ID: The unique numeric ID of the tagger within the computer system.

Battery tagger: The battery level of the tagger reported as a percentage.

Battery headband: The battery level of the headband bound to the tagger reported as a percentage.

Individual Settings

Tagger code: The type of gun the tagger is being configured to imitate.

Team: The team the tagger has been assigned to. There are four choices, Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green.

Bullets: The number rounds (shots) contained within each magazine the player is “carrying”.

Rapidity of fire AB: The rate of fire for the tagger, expressed as the number of rounds/shots fire per minute by the gun in fully automatic.

Cutter: TBD

Reloading time: Number of seconds required to complete a reloading cycle.

Basic Settings

Game settings

Clips: Number of magazines a player is set to “carry” when the tagger is activated or recovered.

Lives: The number of hit points a player is given when their tagger is activated or recovered.

Damage: The number of hit points subtracted from a target when it is hit by the tagger.

Range of fire: The range of the tagger expressed as a percentage of its maximum effective range.

Temporary settings

Recovery timer: The number of seconds a player must wait after being killed before their tagger may be recovered.

Shock timer: The amount of time a tagger will be rendered inoperative if its shock sensor is hit.

Recovery time after respawn: The amount of time in seconds after being recovered/respawned a player must wait before they can load and fire.

Death signal off: The duration in seconds of the audible signal made when a player is killed.

Invulnerability timer: The duration of time in seconds during which a player cannot be hit again after being hit.


Mute reloading: Enable or disable silent reloading.

Sound of bullets: Enable or disable the sound of shot near misses.

Vibro of bullets: Disabled

Automatic reloading: Enable or disable the automatic reloading of the tagger after a magazine/clip is empty.

Armor: The percentage protection from hits given to the player to approximate the effect of wearing body armor.


Transmission: Enable or disable transmitting feedback back to an opponent of hits received.

Reception: Enable or disable receiving feedback from an opponent of hits they have received.

System Settings

Disable all sounds: Enable or disable muting all sounds from the tagger.

Shot activation after triggering 1 sec: TBD

Compatibility Mode: Enable or disable ability of tagger to function with systems running earlier versions of software and firmware.

Secured Protocol: Enable or disable encrypted communications from and to tagger.

Scores transmission type: Select between automatically transmitting data from tagger to main system or only transmitting data when requested by the main system.

Regeneration: Number of hit points restored during a particular interval of no tagger activity or hits.

Interval sec: Number of seconds the player’s tagger must remain inactive to receive Regeneration points (see above).

Tagger off without headband: Number of seconds before a player will be killed after losing the connection between their tagger and headband.

Battery Type

Tagger: The type of battery used by the tagger. Should almost always be set to “3AA/Li-ion”.

Headband: The type of battery used by the headband. Should almost always be set to “3AA/Li-ion”.

Volume control: Slider control the select the volume level of the tagger’s speaker.

Recoil: Not used

Full reloading cycle: TBD

Zombie mode: TBD

Zombie deaths: TBD

System Settings 2

Shock time 2 secs by sensor in tagger: TBD

Indication: TBD

Second Hand Sensor (Arena only): TBD



Headband vibro OFF: Enable or disable vibration of headband when hit.