Be it paintball, airsoft, or lasertag, rental operations are hard on your equipment and that equipment is only making money for you while it is in service. Light Infantry Arms attacks this issue by first providing you with a high quality product designed and built for the harshest service conditions. But, despite this, we understand that the wear and tear of routine operations will cause failures to occur over time. This is why Light Infantry Arms provides a one year, no-hassle basic warranty on all equipment we sell, with the option to upgrade to our premium warranty with a guaranteed 5-day fix-or-replace turnaround for $75 per gun for both domestic (free shipping) and international customers (paid shipping).

This service can then be extended in years 2 through 4 for $175 per gun for the basic warranty and $250 per gun per year for our premium warranty. But it is at year 5 that things get really interesting.

Year 5 Refresh

On year 5 of your warranty, Light Infantry Arms will refresh your inventory with new model guns. That’s right, we will come to your location and deliver new, replacement guns to your business. And, just like during your initial purchase, during our visit we will provide any setup assistance and training your staff may need with the new guns.

An absolute minimum of downtime during gun repairs and no down-time during your 5 year gun refresh. Unmatched quality and service reinforced with brand new guns every five years for the life of your business. This combination will keep your investment healthy and generating revenue for you for the life of your business.