Why Lasertag?

  • It’s profitable: At an average rental value of $10/hr, Lasertag guns will pay for themselves after a short period of rental service.

  • It’s manageable: With a much higher player to referee ratio than is possible in either paintball or airsoft, lasertag games require very little referee interaction with players, as hits and player recovery are automatically managed and cheating is all but non-existent. A single referee can easily manage a game of 40 or more players and focus on game flow and player safety, instead of calling shots and managing cheating.

  • It’s low maintenance: Lasertag gun’s require far less maintenance than either paintball or airsoft guns. No labor intensive daily clean-up of guns and masks, no mechanical rebuilds or tune-ups. Keep the batteries charged and the optics clean and lasertag guns, or at least ours ;-), basically keep working. And even if one breaks, repairs are, at least for ours again ;-), relatively simple, fast, and cheap.

  • It’s a better game: Modern outdoor milsim lasertag is what airsoft was meant to be. With effective ranges of 200 to 400 yards, lasertag demands players employ real fire and maneuver to win. There are no more “safe” ranges to observe and be observed. Fieldcraft, tactics, and marksmanship now matter to extent they never have before. Lasertag is no longer a game for those who simply don’t want to be “hit”, it is a game for those who want to go beyond, way beyond, just being hit.